PIE Polymer Price Reports – June 2022

PIE Polymer Price Reports- June 2022

Monthly report published by Plastics Information Europe:

  • Resin prices still rising
  • Summer holidays to curb ordering
  • Styrene to be the price driver in July
  • Glass fibre could soon see a rollover

The peak seems to have been reached, at least as far as the upper end of the PIE range goes. The June styrene contract price rose by only EUR 16/t, but resin prices increased more substantially. The upward momentum was concentrated mostly at the lower end of the range, however. Movement at the upper end was largely flat. Buyers of large quantities, on the other hand, were not only able to achieve a rollover, but even push the price down a little here and there.

Styrene climbed still higher at the beginning of July, as the monthly contract surged ahead again noticeably, this time by EUR 155/t. Fresh price rises for resin are now in sight, even if earlier indications were that prices would plateau.

Glass fibre products saw mainly minor increases, with standard chopped strand mats being an exception. In particular, the continued strong demand for roving supported firmer prices. In July, a rollover could be the rule rather than the exception.

For more than 34 years, PIE has been an invaluable source of information for European plastics industry decision makers – a quick, yet in-depth look at the development of plastics markets and polymer prices. Available online 24/7 and as a printed newsletter twice a month. To read the entire report, go to www.pieweb.com and sign up for a 48-hour free trial!


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