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About us

EPTA – “The European Pultrusion Technology Association” was created in 1989 by the leading FRC (Fiber Reinforced Composites) Pultruders in Europe and is open for membership to all companies and organizations, wishing to participate in promoting the responsible use of Composites/pultruded profiles and in the exchange of knowledge between members.

The mission is to support the growth of the composite profiles industry by maximizing external communication efforts and having an actively contributing membership.

Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process of linear composite profiles made of polymeric resins such as polyesters and fiber reinforcement such as glass fibers. Automated Pultrusion Production Technology facilitates today’s High Quality and Low-Cost demands by the market.

In 2002 the European Standard EN 13706 was published.

The standard consists of three parts and specifies minimum requirements for the quality, tolerances, strength, stiffness and surface of structural profiles. It refers only to pultruded profiles for structural purposes.

The standard basically divides pultruded structural profiles into two classes:

  • E23 – having the most stringent requirements to quality
  • E17 – having more lenient requirements to quality

All members are bound by their own Quality Standards or project/product-specific approvals.

Since 2006, the Association has existed under the umbrella of the AVK – Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe e.V. in Germany/Frankfurt.

Membership is open to all participants in the sector so do no hesitate to join us !


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