EPTA joins the the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)

The EuCIA is pleased to announce the further expansion of its membership with the addition of EPTA.

EuCIA is the Brussels – based leading Association of the European Composites Industry, representing European National composite Associations as well as industry specific Sector Groups, such as those targeting end segments like automotive or those promoting particular product groups or processes.

With the support of its Members EuCIA is promoting a good trading environment in an innovative and growing European composites industry. Its main mission is representation of National Composites Associations and industry specific sectors, targeting end-segments sectors or potential product groups or processes at EU level.

The mission, objectives and activities of EuCIA are structured under 3 key pillars:

  • We Know – Industrial education and sharing of best practices
  • We Show – Being active at EU level and influencing decision – making
  • We Grow – Industrial growth and membership expansion across Europe

The EuCIA warmly welcomes EPTA and its representative, Eric Moussiaux, within EuCIA Board.